Box 32, Florianópolis

April 30, 2008 | By More

Box 32 at the Municipal Market in the centre of Florianópolis, is one of the best known bars in all the region. As popular wisdom states no visit to the market is complete without a stop at the Box 32, we decided to pop in for a quick drink and a snack.

box 32

We won’t beat around the bush: the bar was quite a bit of a let down. We ordered the famous and smallish pastel de camarão (a kind of pastry filled with shrimp), price R$5,90. The snacks, on the best McDonald’s fashion, are already prepared, waiting for the customer to place an order. Our pastry came from the shelf of the pastries that had been prepared quite a while ago. It the truth be told, the pastry is filled to the brim with shrimps. But they were probably frozen shrimps, as any hint of tasty flavour was absent from them. We washed down the pastel with an incredibly expensive draught beer (R$5,10).

Box 32

When it comes to taste, most of the bars at São Paulo’s Mercado Municipal would make the Box 32 extremely jealous. It could well be a bad day at the kitchen. We don’t know. We won’t find out as this was our first and last visit. But check out for yourselves. The wing of the market where the Box 32 is located is quite interesting, with a few fishmonger’s displaying their most recent catches.

Website: Box 32.

Destination: Florianópolis.

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