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In Brazilian Portuguese (in Portugal they say pequeno-almoço) café-da-manhã means breakfast. As a rule, in Brazil breakfast is included in the price of accommodation. Whether you are staying at a top hotel or at humble pousada, there will always be breakfast waiting for you in the morning. In Brazil, hotels that do not include breakfast on their tariffs do so either because they belong to a foreign chain that didn’t follow the local custom, or because they are incredibly mean – or both things at the same time!


Breakfast at a Brazilian pousada or hotel is far more abundant than a continental breakfast (coffee and croissant). There are always three main ingredients: fruit (Brazilians love eating fruit for breakfast), savoury dishes (there will be at least ham and cheese so you can prepare your toast) and sweets. As well as fruit juice.


The more expensive the place, the more choices you will get for breakfast. Some of the ingredients will change from one day to another. You can also expect a regional touch (tapioca in the North East, for instance).


For those travelling on a budget, Brazilian breakfasts are an excellent chance to satisfy your appetite for the long day ahead.

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  1. Alitta says:

    The pictures are really nice. Anyway, which beach is the most famous in Brazil?

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks Alitta. As for the most famous beach, I suppose it has to be Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro (not the nicest, by any means).