Street numbers

May 27, 2008 | By More

In Brazil, the criteria used for the numbering of the streets is strictly mathematical. The number assigned to a given building or house corresponds to the distance in metres from the point where they are located to the beginning of the street. So, number 540 of the Liberdade street is 540 metres from the beginning of the street. This is very useful when it comes to calculate how far you need to go on a given street. Of course, in shortish streets it makes no difference whatsoever. But bear in mind there are plenty of very long streets in Brazil. Avenida Sapopemba, in São Paulo, is 42.5 km long!!! Number 200 is really far away from number 41,000!

street sign / placa

In the bigger cities, the street names are well identified. Instead of plaques stuck to the walls of the buildings, there are signs in all corners, with information showing the street number and the numbers contained in the block of houses where the sign is found.

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