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June 10, 2008 | By More

As Florianópolis is a larguish island with scores of towns and villages, there are considerable price differences between one place and another, even when there are quite near each other.

The supermarket chain Imperatriz has a website where you can check out its weekly promotions. For as long as the page stays online, it is the most up-to-date resource to get an idea of what the prices for basic items in Florianópolis are like.

I’m leaving here a handful of prices from our trip to the island in February 2008:

Prices at the Ilha do Campeche: bottle of mineral water, R$2; Coke, R$3; beer, R$5; caipirinha, R$5; single-course meal with fish, rice, fries and a salad, R$15; fried squid, R$25.

Prices at the playa de Campeche: basic meal, R$15; Coke, R$2,50; canga (sarong) from R$10.

Prices at a bar at the playa Brava : fries, R$10; fried squid, R$20; breaded fish for two (with rice, fries and vegetables), R$33; burger, R$7; bottle of mineral water, R$2,20; Coke, R$2,90; caipirinha, R$7.

Car rental for a day (basic model): R$65 per day

Prices in Canasvieiras: meal at a popular restaurant from R$12 (not including drinks; Coke from R$2,50); large pizza, from R$15; a sandwich and a fruit juice, R$10.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks for providing information and prices of different variety of shopping product. I need this info because i am using online shopping services.

  2. Tony says:

    You’re welcome, Jenny.

  3. Jim Spence says:

    I found your site about prices in Florianópolis quite different than ones that I found before. Do you have any more? Thanks

  4. Tony says:

    Jim, if you go to the supermarket’s website I’ve linked here you will find up to date prices.