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June 17, 2008 | By More

Regular readers of the blog know of my fondness for GoogleMaps.

It is a powerful tool when it comes to planning your trip. I’ve tried to make the most of it in the different blogs I write, and you will have seen plenty of examples here in the Brazil Travel Blog. As well as numerous maps backing up the information given in several entries, I explained How to calculate the distance between two cities using GoogleMaps and also how to create you own maps with My maps!.

Today I want to refer to another useful tool found in GoogleMaps. In the case of Brazil (unlike Argentina and other Latin American countries), GoogleMaps includes complete street and road information, whether the area you want to search is covered by high-resolution satellite images or not.

From now on, locating an address in Brazil is pretty simple, something you can do in the comfort of your own home. Let’s see a an example. We want to find out where Prudente de Morais, 112 is. We know it is in the Ipanema neighbourhood, in Rio de Janeiro. The location of the neighbourhood is quite important, specially in the case of large cities where you can find the same street name in more than one location. To get the location, write the street name + street number + neighbourhood + city and click on Enter.

On the map shown next you will see the location of the street. Do remember the three buttons at the top right hand side corner of the map allow you to switch from one type of view to another (Map , Satellite and Terrain).

Enlarge map

You can use this tool to locate hotels and pousadas . You can also find tourist spots. Write, for instance, “Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro” or “rodoviária Novo Rio, Rio de Janeiro”.

I’ve used on this post examples belonging to Rio de Janeiro, but the tool can be used for the whole of Brazil. Happy searches!

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