taxis from Congonhas domestic airport in São Paulo

June 23, 2008 | By More

Whereas at Guarulhos international airport only one taxi company is allowed to operate (taxis from Guarulhos int’l airport in São Paulo), at Congonhas domestic airport there are two different taxi companies with an authorisation to work at the airport: Táxi Comum (which is really your run-of-the-mill taxi) and Rádio-Táxi.

After you claim your luggage, follow the signs that point to the taxi stop. On your way you are likely to be approached by illegal taxi drivers offering you their services, do not accept them (Congonhas has just been modernised and yet, the authorities seem to be unable/unwilling to get rid of unscrupulous taxi drivers).

You will descend a ramp at the end of which you will see two different taxi booths, belonging to each of the taxi companies mentioned at the beginning of the entry.

aeropuerto de Congonhas

Both companies offer their customers two choices: you can either ask the driver to switch on the taximeter and pay whatever fare is shown at the end of your ride, or you can pre-pay a fixed rate (based on the distance to your destination). When traffic conditions are ok, the taximeter is the cheapest option. But the fixed rate has the advantage of knowing beforehand how much the ride is going to cost you. You don’t have to worry about the taxi driver taking you for a ride (no pun intended!). If you choose the fixed rate, you will pay in advance at the counter, you won’t pay anything to your taxi driver.

Táxi Comum is cheaper than Rádio-Táxi. Both are safe and reliable.

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  1. ricardo says:

    i want know a price of taxi of airpot guarulhos until station de bus for go to birigui sao paulo plz

  2. Tony says:

    Ricardo, the info for Guarulhos is here: taxis from Guarulhos int’l airport in São Paulo.