Brazil loses one time zone

June 25, 2008 | By More

This is one of those news items you don’t read about every day. Yesterday Brazil lost, as a result of a government decree, one time zone. The change affects the states of Acre (it has now one hour less than Brasilia), Amazon (it now has just the one zone for the entire state) and Pará (with just the one time zone, the same as Brasilia).

From now on, Brazil will only have three time zones. Regions west and centre will have one; Brasilia and regions north-east, south and south-east will have the second one; and Fernando de Noronha will have the third time zone.

At What time is it in Brazil? we explained how to find out what time is it at any given moment in all the states and capitals of Brazil.

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  1. Andy Knowsyt says:

    Very simple and easy to read and gave me some new information about Brasil. Tell us what you think of our website

  2. Luke says:

    Interesting, This makes sense to me. Brazil is such a vast and massive country to try and make it closr and more of a community is good. The idea of keeping people in the sameish time zones may help them feel more part of the same community.

  3. Tony says:

    Hi Andy, I’ve tried to access your site but I keep getting a bandwith exceeded error message.

    Luke, one the forces behind the change are the tv stations, they had problems with different timetables throughout the country and the watershed imposed by censorship.