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The finger-licking good brigadeiro (in Portuguese it means brigadier) is one of the best known and most typical Brazilian sweets. Born in São Paulo in the 40s (so the Portuguese Wikipedia tells us) when a group of housewives began cooking the delicacy to be served in meetings in support of brigadier Eduardo Gomes, at the time running for the presidency of Brazil.


Brigadeiro is a tiny and round sweet. Its basic ingredients are condensed milk, chocolate powder and butter. Once the ball is formed, it is rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Brigadeiros are mandatory at birthday parties.

Not recommended for weight watchers.

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  1. Will says:

    They are not covered in chocolate chips. But are actually rolled in chocolate sprinkles, also known as “jimmies” or “hundreds-and-thousands”.

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks Will, I have ammended the text.

  3. i love chocolates and i will reserve this special treat in my list

  4. Tony says:

    You will have to eat quite a few to satisfy your hunger, as they are quite tiny!

  5. Luna says:

    Hmmm, delicious!!!

  6. Don Beppo says:

    Fantastic- A Brasileira living in Cincinnati visited our bilingual Pre-K classroom when she and her husband were in town to see family. We were gratefully ‘gifted’ with our first brigadeiros ever 🙂 I only wish the kids had remembered the country we’d studied or some details about the confection… They DID catch that the main ingredient was chocolate, gratefully!
    Don Beppo