June and July: recent posts summary

July 2, 2008 | By More

What with a month of holidays in the way, I haven’t had the time to recap on what has been published at the Brazil Travel Blog over the last couple of months. It’s time to stop and have a look back.

A bit of news. Now we know the name of the new Brazilian low-cost: Blue. We learned about the Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary. We mentioned the new flight from Quito to Manaus. Unusual news, Brazil lost one time zone

Although the dengue fever epidemic is fading away (to return in force next summer, for sure), we still had time for a humorous look at dengue fever in Rio.

In São Paulo we visited the Praça Benedito Calixto and saw the amazing leaning houses of Santos.

A few entries on typically Brazilian topics: catupiry cheese, café-da-manhã and brigadeiro

We had a look at the Brazil Airpass offered by Brazilian airline Varig.

On the link section, a few useful pages to find out about venues and & music shows in the most important Brazilian cities.

A few tips on how to go from Paraty to Angra dos Reis, how to go from Curitiba to Iguaçu, street numbers, flat/apartment numbers, prices in Florianópolis, how to search for Brazilian addresses using Google Maps, taxis from Congonhas domestic airport in São Paulo, accomodation at Guarulhos international airport in São Paulo

And there was still time for a linguistic false friend: tráfico.

Happy travels to you all!

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