From São Paulo to Curitiba

July 10, 2008 | By More


The main airlnes (TAM, Gol and Varig) fly to Curitiba from São Paulo. New low-cost airline Azul flies to Curitiba from Viracopos airport in Campinas. The company runs shuttle buses from São Paulo to Viracopos.


The trip takes approximately 6 hours (traffic permiting) and leaves from Terminal Tietê in São Paulo. Fares from R$52 one way (the better the bus, the more expensive the fare). Two of the companies doing the São Paulo – Curitiba link are Cometa and Itapemirim. There are frequent departures during the day.

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  1. Antz says:


    I will be staying at a Hotel near GRU airport for one night after I get into Brasil.

    My question is.
    Can I take a bus to Curitiba without heading into Tiete?
    I’d love to cut some time during the bus ride to Curitiba.



  2. Tony says:

    Antz, I’m afraid you can’t avoid Tietê, there are no direct buses from the airport.