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September desktop calendar

September desktop calendar

The Brazil Travel Blog brings you every month a calendar for you to use on your computer desktop.

Here is the September 2008 calendar, showing an unusual combination of clouds on the skies of São Paulo.


Large size
Small size

Remember, a new calendar every month!

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Top 10 Music: Lenine

Top 10 Music: Lenine

This is the 5th of ten entries entries presenting videos from the artists I wrote about at Top 10: Brazilian music (B-sides). I am following the alphabetical order I used on that entry.

The fifth artist on the list is Lenine. The first video I’ve chosen is a beautiful song, one of my favourites, Paciência. The second video is Miedo (fear), performed along Mexican singer Julieta Venegas.



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<em>pão de queijo</em>

pão de queijo

Today we want to introduce you to one of the greatest contributions of Brazil to the world: the unmistakable, inimitable and genuinely Brazilian pão de queijo. There will be those – and not without reason – wanting a more specific attribution of fame: pão de queijo is, above all, a Minas Gerais institution.

pão de queijo

The pão de queijo is a cheese bun made of cassava flour, eggs, salt, milk and cheese. It is rounded in shape and the size can differ quite a lot. It is eaten hot and if it has been properly backed, it should have a soft and creamy feel to it. It should never be chewy.

You might find pão de queijo for breakfast at your hotel or pousada. The more you go up north, the less likely you are to have pão de queijo for breakfast. It is also served at snack bars, where it is often eaten next to your mid-morning coffee. There is a snack bar chain called “Casa do Pão de Queijo”.

pão de queijo

You can buy frozen pão de queijo to bake it at home, and there are also mix packages if you want to prepare the bread yourself.

Similar products can be found in other South American countries. In Colombia cheese buns take the name of pandebono; they are chipás in Paraguay and Argentina.

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Paraty day and night

Paraty day and night

Paraty is an incredibly rewarding place, both day and night.



Streets and buildings are seen with very different eyes as the day becomes the night.



Destination: Paraty

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carnival 2009: dates

carnival 2009: dates

According to the official calendar, the 2009 carnival will take place between 20 and 24 February.

Although the dates seem miles away, the farsighted travellers have already made accommodation arrangements for the period – it is the only way of finding good value accommodation for places like Rio or Salvador.

The two days of parades of the samba schools in Rio will be 22 Sunday and 23 Monday. The winning escolas de samba will parade again on 28 February.

As more details emerge I will keep you posted.

escolas de samba Parades in Rio 2008
Sambadrome ticket prices

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