Top 10 music: O Rappa

September 24, 2008 | By More

This is the 7th of ten entries entries presenting videos from the artists I wrote about at Top 10: Brazilian music (B-sides). I am following the alphabetical order I used on that entry.

The seventh artist on the list are O Rappa. Exceptionally I have included three clips on the entry. They are one of the Brazilian bands that pay particular care to the way their videos are filmed. The first two videos I’m showing here were directed by Kátia Lund, co-director of City of God. They portrait two hard-hitting stories. The third video is a good example of kinetic typography made years before it became fashionable and everyone decided you couldn’t do a video if you didn’t have letters dancing around.

A Minha Alma

O Que Sobro do Céu

Instinto Coletivo

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