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Three new TAM international flights

Three new TAM international flights

Through the always well-informed Aquela Passagem! we find out about three new international flights operated by TAM.

Today is the first day of operation for the Belo HorizonteRío Miami flight.

On 17 October a daily São PauloLima flight will begin. Departs from Guarulhos airport in São Paulo at 08:25 and arrives in Lima at 10:35. From Lima it departs at 11:45 and arrives in São Paulo at 19:30.

On 1 November there will be a daily Río de JaneiroNew York flight. Flights to the US will leave on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Departing from Rio de Janeiro at 23:15 and arriving in New York (JFK) at 06:00. From the States, flights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, departing from NY at 16:15 and arriving in Rio at 05:30. Another flight on Sundays, leaving from JFK at 8:00 and arriving in Rio at 21:15.

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Accommodation in Ilha do Mel, Ilha Grande, Maresias, Natal and Ubatuba

Accommodation in Ilha do Mel, Ilha Grande, Maresias, Natal and Ubatuba

Accommodation in Brazil has five new blog posts, with full listings of accommodation in Ilha do Mel, Ilha Grande, Maresias, Natal and Ubatuba.

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Budget accommodation in Rio de Janeiro

Budget accommodation in Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana y Leme

Finding affordable accommodation in the city of Rio de Janeiro is no mean feat, as many of you will have already found out first hand. I had wanted to post this entry for quite some time now, but the lack of useful pointers made me postpone the post several times. Now I think I’ve gathered enough material to give you some tips on how to find a place to sleep in Rio that won’t blow your trip budget.


The Accor hotel chain, present in other parts of Brazil (it has a strong base in São Paulo) only landed in Rio recently, with three budget hotels located in the centry of the city:

An outstanding feature of the hotels mentioned above is that they don’t hold any surprises – a bonus in the context of Rio hotels. They are simple, to the point of being spartan. You won’t find charm or glamour in them. But in return for that, their fares are more friendly than the ones charged by most hotels in town. Their rates do not include breakfast. If you have stayed previously at a Formule 1 or Ibis hotel you know what to expect.


There are three networks providing Bed & Breafast accommodation en Río.

  • The first one is Cama e Café. At its website you can check details of the houses providing accommodation. All the houses are located in the Santa Teresa neighbourhood.
  • Rio Homestay is the upper market version of Cama e Café. Most of its apartments are located along the corridor that links Copacabana to Leblon, passing through Arpoador and Ipanema.
  • The third organization is Bed & Breakfast Brasil. It has 60 houses in Rio, on the most popular neighbourhoods (Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Santa Teresa) and on places slightly more unusual for a hotel (Cosme Velho, São Conrado or Urca).


On Youth hostels in Brazil we listed all the Brazilian hostels affiliated to Hostelling International. There are three in Rio:

On top of those, there is a long list of hostels you can check out at Hostelworld.

We haven’t stayed on any of the hotels listed here and for that reason we can’t give first-hand accounts. What we wanted to do here is to empower you to carry out your own searches.

A final tool on your arsenal is the hotel meta-search engine we have incorporated to the blog. It searches through dozens of hotel search pages and brings together the results. There is always a chance you might find an unexpected bargain. The results open on a new page.

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Nautical Tourism in Brazil

Nautical Tourism in Brazil

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has a website devoted to Nautical Tourism in Brazil. It has an English version.


The website has a beautiful layout and tons of information on the Brazilian coastline, the weather, tide charts and other useful information for sailors.

It also contains complete information on the marinas at Baía de Todos os Santos, Fernando de Noronha, Fortaleza, Ilha Grande, Ilhabela, João Pessoa, Morro de São Paulo, Natal, Paraty, Recife, Río de Janeiro and Ubatuba.

The initiative is part of the declared policy of the Brazilian Authorities to promote tourism in Brazil abroad almost exclusively among the upper-class markets. Foreign currency, rather than number of visitors, is the force behind the promotion of Brazil as a tourist destination. The website Golf in Brazil is also part of that initiative.

Golf in Brazil

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Top 10 music: Marina de la Riva

Top 10 music: Marina de la Riva

This is the 5th of ten entries entries presenting videos from the artists I wrote about at Top 10: Brazilian music (B-sides). I am following the alphabetical order I used on that entry.

The sixth artist on the list is Marina de la Riva. As she doesn’t have an huge promotional backup her material is hard to find. The first video is clip sang in Spanish, La Caminadora. The second one, Ta-hí! (Pra você gostar de mim), is sang in Portuguese.

La Caminadora

Ta-hí! (Pra você gostar de mim)

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