October 3, 2008 | By More

And here’s October. We began September unveiling a new blog layout.

We prepared a blog post with tips on how to find Budget accommodation in Rio de Janeiro.

We mentioned an official website on the Cultural World Heritage Sites in Brazil. We also presented two other sites maintained by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism: Golf in Brazil and Nautical Tourism in Brazil.

We dedicated an entry to the Projeto Tamar, an environmental organization that draws admiration from all quarters in Brazil.

We wrote an entry on an incredible natural phenomenon that occurs on the north of Brazil: Pororoca, the mother of all waves.

We saw our Top 10: beaches from the skies.

TAM airlines is launching Three new TAM international flights.

On the music front we saw videos by Marina de la Riva and by O Rappa

And last, but not least, we launched a new project: Accommodation in Brazil.

A great October to you all.

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