Florianópolis South: what to do and where to go

October 8, 2008 | By More

For most visitors, Florianópolis encapsulates the perfect beach destination, and satisfaction comes in the simplest of ways: a beach recliner [sun-lounger] a sunshade and a beach. But even the most sedentary of tourists will at one stage or another want to leave the comfort of the beach where they are staying to visit other parts of the island. This entry is part of a trilogy (that also includes entries on the North and the Centre) with tips and basic guidance on the most interesting points on the island.

As it is the case with the centre of the island, in the south of Florianópolis there are two well-defined parts. To the west, the coastline facing the continent, where there are a pocket of villages showing trails of the Portuguese colonization. It is here where oysters are cultivated. There are no beaches on this part of the island. To the east, some of the most beautiful beaches on the islands and places where most tourists hardly ever go.

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On the continental side of the southern part of the island, the most interesting point is Ribeirão da Ilha, a village founded by Portuguese emigrants from the Azores islands, where some traditions are still maintained, like bobbin lace or basket making. The district of Ribeirão is the largest producer of oysters in Brazil. In the centre of the village there is an interesting sample of Portuguese colonial architecture.

Ribeirão da Ilha

Following the road southwards, pass Ribeirão, you will reach Caieira da Barra do Sul, where there is a tiny beach of calm waters.

On the eastern side of the island, from north to south, we find the following points of interest:

  • Campeche. It has an extense beach (which in fact is the continuation of the Joaquina beach) with strong waves, cold sea and crystal-clear waters. It is very popular among kitesurfers. Right in front of the main access to the beach there are some popular restaurants. There are quite a few pousadas on the area (see Hotels and pousadas in Campeche). It is a perfect location if you intend to explore Florianópolis, north and south.
  • Campeche

  • Ilha do Campeche. Just across the Campeche beach you will find one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Florianópolis but probably of the entire Brazil. We have written a blog entry about it: Ilha do Campeche.
  • Ilha do Campeche

  • Armação. The fishing village of Armação is the departure point for the boats that go to the Campeche Island. It’s got an extense beach of cold waters. Towards the north of the beach there are strong waves; calmer waters are found near the village.
  • Armação

  • Matadeiro. It is reached on foot from Armação. White sands and crystal-clear waters. As it cannot be reached by car, it has an air of remoteness to it.
  • Matadeiro

  • Lagoinha do Leste. For those in search of virgin and unspoiled beaches, Lagoinha do Leste is a must. It is located between Matadeiro beach and Pântano do Sul. There are two ways you can reach the beach. You can take a boat from Pântano do Sul – you will find the boats on the left hand side of the beach. The trip takes 15 minutes. Or you can walk through the Atlantic rainforest. It is a steep walk that demands some fitness. It takes between an hour and two hours to go, the same time to come back (depending on how fit you are).
  • Pântano do Sul. Another fishing colony with a beach of calm waters. Here you will find the famous bar do Arante. If you continue along the road that goes south you will arrive to the Solidão beach. From this beach there is a path that goes up the mountain side, with spectacular views of the bay.
  • bar do Arante

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      I love these photos Brasil is great and wonderful country. Thank you.

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      With endless photo opportunities!