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Any Brazilian fruit stand or greengrocer’s is a true festival for the senses. Sometimes the surprise is not related to the exotic – abundant as exotic fruits are. The best known fruits are also full of surprises. Take the humble bananas.


On the photograph you can see, clockwise, four types of different bananas: nanica, prata, ouro and da terra. There are several others (figo, maçã, …). The moment you can identify them with ease you realize your process of cultural adaptation is well under way.

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  1. Asian Traveler says:

    I love bananas! It is said bananas contains three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose. It has fiber and high potassium content.

    By the way, I posted yesterday about the Notorious Stinky Tofu, an exotic delicacy enjoyed by many Taiwanese. You might want to check it out. 🙂