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October 27, 2008 | By More

[Photo by unnamedsoldier reproduced under a Creative Commons licence]

To make up for the absence on this blog of a specific post devoted to Balneário Camboriú, I am publishing a blog entry with links to sites of interest.

Camboriú has an official website: Secretária de Turismo de Balneário Camboriu (in Portuguese only).

There are several portals, including Camboriú,, praia and guia They all have sections on accommodation.

Interesting info can also be found in pages covering the entire state of Santa Catarina (where Balneário Camboriú is found). Santa Catarina Turismo has a section in English where Camboriú is mentioned. Other pages with information include Bela Santa Catarina and Guia Santa Catarina.

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  1. Micheli says:

    The City of Camboriú Spa is the wonder of the South Atlantic, I am from Porto Alegre but already live in this city to ten years and I do not want to go out more here, who will not know that much worth it.