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December 8, 2008 | By More


[Photo by Elton Melo reproduced under a Creative Commons licence]

To make up for the absence on this blog of a specific post devoted to Recife, I am publishing a blog entry with links to sites of interest.

The official website of the Secretaria de Turismo de Recife is really poor and doesn’t even bother to address the needs of a foreign tourist. The Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau is a bit more thorough and it has a version in English.

Visit Recife is a website with useful information in English.

Recife is yet another tourist destination that leaves quite a lot to be desired when it comes to institutional online information.

One week in Recife

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  1. Paul Barnett says:

    Sadly your observations are absolutely correct. The English speaking tourist is absolutely lost here. As a Brit thats been here a few years I have struggled to help friends and relatives, unable to find any guidebooks in English. Just a week ago I started to try and solve the problem with an online guide. is site which I will evolving rapidly over the comig days. with more information in the existing sections and the addition of new sections.

    Congratulations on your site!

  2. Tony says:

    Good luck on your project, Paul. I’m sure many people will be grateful for the information you provide.

  3. Paul Barnett says:


    Thanks for your support. Also, would you be able to add my blog to your blog roll? That would be much appreciated.


  4. Tony says:

    You’re welcome, Paul. Link added (under the Brazil Blogs section). If you’d like to reciprocate that’d be appreciated too!

  5. Paul Barnett says:

    Many thanks! Of course I will reciprocate!


  6. E says:

    The Guia Unibanco Nordeste is available in English in all major bookstores, and I think it’s pretty decent. Otherwise, my blog has plenty of info:

  7. Paul Barnett says:

    Thanks for the info about the guide. I will check it out when I find one, but it is not readily available. I visited all major bookstores in Recife, including the one at the airport. I also visited several tourist information centers. No store had a copy and the information centers were not even aware of the existance of any guide book in English. I guess that I will be able to order a copy now I know about this guide. Many thanks!

  8. Tony says:

    Thanks to you all for all the links and efforts. In this blog post I was referring exclusively to online resources, as I believe it is time those responsible for the promotion of Brazil as a tourist destination realized we’ve entered the XXI century. It’s really annoying to read on the press about yet another interesting leaflet or brochure (there was one recently on reagge in São Luis, another one on birdwatching in Brazil) that will only be printed on paper and distributed exclusively through hoteles or the Brazilian consulates abroad. For crying out loud, the cost of making pdf files available on the Internet is negligible, get your act together, people.