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December 19, 2008 | By More

This is a summary of the most recent posts published at D Airfare, our blog on Brazilian aviation news with tips on how to find the best deals to fly to Brazil.

Speaking of deals, we mentioned that Brazilian airline GOL was selling flights for 99 reais, that American Airlines had some flight deals to Brazil as well as a series of other foreign airlines, also with several flight deals from Brazil.

We explained what you have to do if you live in Brazil and need to leave the country with expensive equipment.

On the new routes section we mentioned that Delta will fly from LA and United is increasing its flights to Belo Horizonte, that Continental is after a flight from Rio de Janeiro to New Orleans and that Brazilian airline Trip is expanding its network.

A number of international carriers announced flights to Brazil: Turkish Airlines is coming to Brazil, Mexicana is coming to São Paulo, El A on its way to Brazill. A word of warning on Air Europa, that announced it will no longer fly to Brazil

There is a new kid on the block, Brazilian airline Azul, that began selling tickets and launched its frequenty flyer program. We explained what its first routes will be.

We explained how now you can end up buying VARIG’s tickets at GOL’s website.

Brazilian authorities have so far failed to implement their promise of free wi-fi at Brazilian airports.

For newbies, we explained what to do when arriving in Brazil: step-by-step.

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