D Airfare: summary of recent posts

January 2, 2009 | By More

This is a summary of the most recent posts published at D Airfare, our blog on Brazilian aviation news with tips on how to find the best deals to fly to Brazil.

The most important post of the fortnight was devoted to ITA, a limited GDS anyone can use. We gave a detailed explanation on how to use this free GDS to search for flights.

Christmas brought back chaos to the Brazilian airports, and the authorities demanded that GOL introduced changes.

Some new routes were mentioned: Delta begins flights to Manaus, Recife & Fortaleza; American reduces flights to Recife and Salvador and Turkish: flights to Brazil from 29 March.

And we added four new pages to our complete listing of Direct flights: from Brazil to Senegal,
from Senegal to Brazil, from Brazil to Turkey and from Turkey to Brazil

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