January 5, 2009 | By More

2009 is here! We sincerely hope it began in the best possible fashion for all of you readers of the Brazil Travel Blog.

In December we covered one of our favourite Brazilian destinations: Ilha Grande. destination: Ilha Grande is the main entry devoted to that wonderful place. We also announced the Ilha Grande photo album, published a detailed map of Ilha Grande and showed an unlikely encounter on tropical waters: penguins in Ilha Grande.

In anticipation of the World Social Forum, that will take place this month in Belém, we published an entry explaining in detail how to get to Belém do Pará.

Florianópolis is a place where we love to return as often as we can. This time we reviewe the pizzaria Nave Mãe. On the food front, we also mentioned the mouth-watering doce de espécie from Alcântara, Maranhão.

We mentioned a few links on Recife.

And a final post on the aviation news front: Azul, the newest Brazilian airline, takes off. From now on, all the aviation-related stuff and all the news about promotions, fare deals, new routes and the likes appears on our new blog on aviation in Brazil: D Airfare.

An excellent January to every one!

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