D Airfare: summary of recent posts

January 16, 2009 | By More

This is a summary of the most recent posts published at D Airfare, our blog on Brazilian aviation news with tips on how to find the best deals to fly to Brazil.

We explained what airlines mean by code share.

Mentioned several flight deals: Azul promising flights at the price of bus tickets, Pluna and Lan: flight deals, Gol: new flight deals.

Made some announcements on the routes section: TAAG: flights to São Paulo and El Al: flights from May 2. We made an addition to our list of direct flights: direct flights from Brazil to Israel and direct flights from Israel to Brazil.

Tam has just announced its Brazil Airpass 2009 and we gave details of it.

There was even time to fantasize about what air travel in Brazil would be like with real low-cost airlines: Air Asia: dreaming is free.

Finally, images of a tragedy waiting to happen: video: danger on the approach to Guarulhos airport in São Paulo.

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