yellow fever: important update

January 19, 2009 | By More

I’ve just updated the entry 10 facts about yellow fever in Brazil and made some modifications under the light of recent changes announced by the Brazilian health authorities. I’ve incorporated two major changes:

  • Brazil is no longer asking for an International Certificate of Vaccination Against Yellow Fever regardless of where the passenger comes from. This might change in the future but at the moment the certificate is not required.
  • the Brazilian authorities have recently changed their advice regarding risk areas. Previously, they divided the country in four different areas (risk areas, potential risk areas, transition areas and risk-free areas). Now the split is much more simple, just the two areas: risk areas and risk-free areas. ONLY those travelling to risk areas should be vaccinated.

You can check out the changes on points 4 and 7 of the above-mentioned blog post.

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