February 2, 2009 | By More

February is here and carnival time is around the corner. This year, of course, carnival comes a bit late, not that people care much, it’s already party time in Brazil.

During February we mentioned the ticket prices for the Carnaval in Rio. We also published quite a detailed map of Rio de Janeiro.

GoogleMaps featured prominently on the blog’s agenda: at GoogleMaps on the Brazil Travel Blog we had a quick look at the way we have been using the technology. We also mentioned the new transit layer on Google Maps.

We made an important update to our entry on yellow fever in Brazil.

Transportation within Brazil is a never-ending maze. We gave details on how to go from Fortaleza to Natal and how to go from São Paulo to Brasilia.

We dedicated two entries to a couple of links worth being familiar with: Mochileiros and road conditions in Brazil.

Finally, another blog entry devoted to one of the most fantastic Brazilian destinations: trekking in Ilha Grande.

A great February to everyone.

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