D Airfare: summary of recent posts

February 6, 2009 | By More

This is a summary of the most recent posts published at D Airfare, our blog on Brazilian aviation news with tips on how to find the best deals to fly to Brazil.

With our direct flights charts you can see at a glance all the international direct flights from your desired Brazilian location.

We gave details of the TAM’s South America Airpass that allows you to fly through TAM’s South American network at reduced prices.

New airline Azul annnounced its next destination, Recife, and we gave all the details about the new flight: Azul begins flying to Recife on 18 February.

What with the end of the operations of Air Europa, the Brazilian Northeast states are chasing flights from Europe.

On the airline news front we mentioned US Airways might fly to Brazil, spoke about the new Alitalia on the air and about Programa Amigo: OceanAir finally publishes its rules.

At large is an interesting link with info on internet access at the airports worldwide.

At our media centre we saw a video of a landing in Congonhas airport, São Paulo and a photo of tiny photos: Barreirinhas airport.

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