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Praia do Forte, BrasilPraia do Forte, BrasilPraia do Forte, BrasilPraia do Forte, Brasil
Praia do Forte, BrasilCastelo Garcia d'Ávila, Praia do Forte, BrasilProjeto Tamar, Praia do Forte, BrasilProjeto Tamar, Praia do Forte, Brasil

Praia do Forte is a popular beach destination 100 km north of Salvador, consisting of a charming village and a stretch of coast with outstanding natural pools.


By bus. The company Viação Linha Verde runs several daily services to Praia do Forte from Salvador’s rodoviária (bus station). The trip takes between 1 hour and a half and two hours. Be careful as only a few services will take you into the village. The rest stop at the main highway from where you’ll need to take transportation (a taxi or a van) to the village (some 3 km). In March 2009 only the buses leaving from Salvador at 9 am, 10 am and 6 pm made it to the village. Ticket price: R$9,80 (one way).

During the high season there are a handful of services that stop at Salvador airport on the way to Praia do Forte.

The only way of booking ahead with Linha Verde is going to the rodoviária, which is an awful waste of time. The company’s ticket office is on the first floor of the bus station.

By private transfer. If you are arriving at the internacional airport in Salvador it might be worth finding out about a private transfer to Praia do Forte. Most pousadas and hotels will give you information on the topic. As the airport is on the road that goes to Praia do Forte, it’s a quick trip of around 1 hour. Approximate price, R$120 for two (one way).


The rainy season in Praia do Forte goes from May to July. During those three months rainfall is intense. It can take the form of intermitent showers or persistent rain. The sea is quite rough during that period. From October to March the sun shines and good weather is the norm.

Humpback whales appear around the coast of Praia do Forte from July to October.

Marine turtles lay their eggs in the region from September to February. From December to March tiny turtles hatch at the Projeto Tamar.


The relentless sun. Take plenty of sunblock with you, and pay special attention if you are going to spend a lot of time snorkelling at the natural pools, where you will sunburn with great ease.


The village and the main street. The crystal-clear sea during the summer. The turtles.


The lack of supervision of the outrageous behaviour of some tourists at the natural pools. The tiring “Brazilian Polynesia” slogan (Praia do Forte is a beautiful place, but it is not the Polynesia). Expensive food and taxis. The two eyesores being built right by the church.


The natural pools. The Projeto Tamar. The Alameda do Sol (main pedestrian street).


  • to make the most of the natural pools you need a tide chart (see point 13 below). Many pousadas and hotels have them on display. The pools form when the tide is out and the reefs are uncovered, dotted with small natural pools where fish can be seen. The best time to enjoy the pools is roughly two or three hours before the lowest tide. You need some footwear to walk safely on the reefs. If you don’t have a mask and a snorkel you can rent them in Praia do Forte. Flippers are not very appropriate for the pools.
  • a visit to the Projeto Tamar (at this blog’s post Projeto Tamar we spoke about the organization) is highly recommended. Tickets cost R$10 for adults (March 2009). It is not a zoo or an aquarium, rather a succesful environmental preservation initiative. During the hatching season you can see the tiny turtles leaving their eggs at the end of the day.
  • humpback whales visit the coast of Praia do Forte between July and October. During that period, and if the sea is calm enough, there are whale-watching trips. Praia do Forte is where the Instituto Baleia Jubarte is located. Entrance costs R$6 (adults) .
  • Praia do Forte is not renowned for its nightlife. There are a few bars open till late during the high season, as well as musical performances during the weekends of the high season too. During the rest of the year it’s just restaurants, cafés, peace and quiet.
  • ATM’s that allow withdrawals with international credit cards are found in Praia do Forte.
  • the central beach, right by the beach, is no good for swimming due to the presence of numerous boats in the area.
  • the Garcia d’Avila castle, a few miles from the village, contains the preserved ruins of one of the first feudal mansions in Brazil. Entrance is R$6. A taxi to get you there and back it will set you back outrageous R$50. If you do the trip on a jeep with a local agency you will pay R$12.
  • the Bar do Souza is inside the Projeto Tamar. Its fish croquettes are delicious.
  • there are two Iberostar hotels 3,5 km north of the village. You can reach the village from the hotels walking along the beach, but make sure you do so during the low tide.
  • there are a handful of spectacularly good ice-cream parlours among the main pedestrian street.


You don’t need any vaccines if you are visiting Praia do Forte. You need to be aware of the existence of dengue fever, common throughout the region. More information on 10 facts about dengue fever in Brazil.


Full listing of hotels and pousadas in Praia do Forte.

There is a youth hostel at Praia do Forte, the Praia do Forte Hostel.

10. LINKS:

The official website of Praia do Forte has loads of information and a detailed map. Unfortunately, in Portuguese only.


The weather in Praia do Forte for the next 10 days (data from Mata de São João)


Average temperatures and rainfall in Praia do Forte (data from Mata de São João).

13. TIDES:
Lacking a specific tide chart for Praia do Forte, at the Climatempo website look for the section Praias and select Tabua de Marés on the left-hand side of the page. There you’ll find data for Salvador by clicking on Escolha sua localidade (BA-Salvador).

map of Praia do Forte

The Praia do Forte photo album at Flickr.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hi Tony – Is one day enough to see everything in Praia do Forte? I’m trying to plan out a trip and am thinking about 1-2 nights in Salvador (where I fly in and out), 1-2 in Praia, 3 in Morro de Sao Paolo, then 1 back in Salvador.


  2. Tony says:

    One day would be just about enough to see everything in Praia do Forte but bear in mind that to see the natural pools you will depend on the tides, and they change from day to day. If you could catch the low tide first thing in the morning that would be quite ok. See the Castelo d’Ávila after a few hours at the beach and then the Projeto Tamar in the late afternoon.

  3. Jane Moore says:

    Hi there I am planning to spend a month touring Brazil in January- visiting various locations- and I thought I would spend 2 or 3 nights in Praia do Forte inbetween visiting Manuas & The Pantanal. I thought this would give me a few days to relax by the beach- can you confirm this is a good location to relax & chill out? (I am later planning trips to Paraty & Florianopolis to do more beach chilling 🙂 )


  4. Ann says:

    we are planning to stay a month and a half in praia do forte from april to may. Is may a really bad month weather-wise to stay there? And do you know how to find an apartment not to expensive in praia do forte?
    How is the communication-level, internet, phones and so on if you would have to work there?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best whishes

  5. Tony says:

    Ann, Praia do Forte is quite an upmarket destination, so if you are in search for affordable accommodation and food for an extended period of time it might not be your best choice. Here I can give travel advice but if you search for “aluguel” + “apartamento” + “praia do forte” on Google you will find plenty of results. I remember a estate agent run by native English speakers right in the village.
    You can expect rain during the period. Depending on how the rainy season manifests this year, that could even mean persistent rain over extended periods of time. All the best!

  6. Tony says:

    If you have any questions about Praia do Forte you can ask at our Facebook page and we will give you an answer as soon as we can.