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April 23, 2009 | By More

The latest update to the satellite images used by Google in Google Earth and Google Maps brought maximum resolution to existing coverage for at least three important tourist destinations in Brazil: Florianópolis, Salvador and São Paulo. As well as the cities of Brasilia and Goiania.

These ultra high-resolution images show an spectacular level of detail.

1. Florianópolis

The area with maximum resolution is quite smallish and basically encompasses the urban centre of the island. The Mercado Público and the Puente Hercílio Luz are two structures than can be seen in detail.

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2. Salvador

All the tourist sights of Salvador are in maximum resolution, a guarantee of endless hours of fun.

The Forte de São Marcelo

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The Farol da Barra

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The façade of the Convento de São Francisco in the Pelourinho

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The orixás at the Dique do Tororó

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The igreja do Bonfim

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3. São Paulo

Only part of the city has been upgraded, but most tourist sights are within the area of the upgrade.


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The Catedral da Sé

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The Copan building

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Because the Christmas Tree at the Parque do Ibirapuera can be spotted we estimate the images are quite recent.

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