Swine flu / A (H1N1) in Brazil

April 28, 2009 | By More


  • from 1 January 2010 till 3 April 2010, 50 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 29 Oct 2009, 1368 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 23 Sep 2009, 1047 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 16 Sep 2009, 899 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 10 Sep 2009, 731 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 02 Sep 2009, 657 deaths resulting from the disease. Continues discrepancies between the death toll figures issued by the governments of the different Brazilian states and the Ministry of Health means I will no longer update the tally for individual states. A very clear picture has emerged where the southern states are, by far, the most affected by the flu epidemic.
  • 31 Aug 2009, 575 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 27 Aug 2009, according to official figures, the number of new cases of swine flu is decreasing throughout the country. The 1st week of August registered 1,578 serious cases, the 2nd week the number went down to 826 and on the 3rd week there were 273 new cases.
  • 26 Aug 2009, 557 deaths resulting from the disease. Most deaths have occurred in the southeastern and southern states of the country: São Paulo (223 deaths), Paraná (151), Rio Grande do Sul (98) and Rio de Janeiro (55) lead the toll. The number of cases on the north and northeast regions is very small.
  • 21 Aug 2009, 488 deaths resulting from the disease. Florianópolis and 19 other cities from the state of Santa Catarina declare emergency status due to the advance of swine flue.
  • 20 Aug 2009, 404 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 18 Aug 2009, media reports fall in the number of influenza A cases attended at São Paulo hospitals.
  • 18 Aug 2009, 379 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 14 Aug 2009, 339 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 12 Aug 2009, 274 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 10 Aug 2009, 191 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 07 Aug 2009, 167 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 04 Aug 2009, 129 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 03 Aug 2009, 92 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 01 Aug 2009, 76 deaths resulting from the disease.
  • 31 Jul 2009, 68 deaths resulting from the disease. To control the spread of the virus, classes will resume two weeks later than usual in several states, including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
  • 28 Jul 2009, 55 deaths resulting from the disease
  • 27 Jul 2009, 45 deaths resulting from the disease
  • 26 Jul 2009, 39 deaths resulting from the disease
  • 24 Jul 2009, 1566 cases of swine fever confirmed and 33 deaths resulting from the disease
  • 22 Jul 2009, 29 deaths resulting from the disease
  • 21 Jul 2009, 20 deaths resulting from the disease
  • 16 Jul 2009, 1175 cases of swine fever confirmed and eleven deaths resulting from the disease
  • 09 Jul 2009, 1027 cases of swine fever confirmed and two deaths resulting from the disease
  • 08 Jul 2009, 977 cases of swine fever confirmed and one death resulting from the disease
  • 06 Jul 2009, 905 cases of swine fever confirmed and one death resulting from the disease
  • 04 Jul 2009, 885 cases of swine fever confirmed and one death resulting from the disease
  • 29 Jun 2009, 627 cases of swine fever confirmed and one death resulting from the disease
  • 22 May 2009, nine cases of swine fever confirmed
  • 09 May 2009, eight cases of swine fever confirmed
  • 07 May 2009, first four cases of swine fever confirmed
  • 05 May 2009, no confirmations or dismissals of suspect cases yet
  • 04 May 2009, no confirmations or dismissals of suspect cases yet
  • 03 May 2009, in spite of repeated claims by the government that the country is prepared to face the flu, not a single suspect case has been confirmed or disregarded yet. We don’t know whether this is due to technical incompetence or deliberate concealment of information


Up until today, there are no travel restrictions whatsoever imposed on travellers arriving from other countries.

Up-to-date information on ANVISA‘s website, the Brazilian’s government body responsible for disease control. It has a version in English but no up-do-date information can be found on that section.

I’m also adding a link to the US’s CDC website with up-to-date information on the topic:

10 facts about dengue fever in Brazil
10 facts about yellow fever in Brazil

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  1. Diogo Pretto says:

    Volta e meia algum veículo de comunicação diz que confirmaram 2 casos da gripe suína aqui. Mas ainda acho que (felizmente) não chegou nada por aqui.

  2. Tony says:

    Obrigado, Diogo. Eu vou aguardar qualquer notificação oficial antes de confirmar caso nenhum. Vamos ficar de olho. Abraço!

  3. A Davis says:

    i’m traveling to state of rio in june with my husband and daughter (9 years old). we’ve already purchased tickets. my husband was concerned that brasil may restrict us from coming in to the country from the US (although we have not traveled to Mexico or near Mexico for over 2 years). There are some cases in our state of North Carolina, but I’m not sure where exactly. Should we be concerned that our visa application will be denied or delayed because of the current swine flu situation?

  4. Tony says:

    Hello. As you are aware, the situation is changing rapidly, so advice given today might not be valid for tomorrow. But at present, Brazil is imposing no restrictions of any kind whatsoever to passengers arriving from North America. Your visa application should not be influenced by the current situation. All the best!

  5. Marla says:

    My son’s girlfriend’s father is supposed to fly in to New York from Brazil on Friday. Have there been any air travel restrictions?

  6. Tony says:

    Marla, no restrictions whatsoever – so far at least. I update this entry on a regular basis, if there is any news you will see it at the top of the entry. But like I said, there no air travel restrictions of any kind.

  7. Simon says:


    Right now, I m in the US and I will come to Brazil.
    I might go to Mexico before going to Brazil. I just don’t know if there are restrictions (I guess). In that case, I wont go to Mexico, of course. Could you tell me what’s the situation right now? Thx

  8. Tony says:

    Simon, at the time being there are no restrictions whatsoever to passengers arriving in Brazil from Mexico or the U.S. Brazilian health authorities keep a close eye on flights arriving from both those destinations looking for passengers with flu symptoms, but like I said, there are no restrictions of any kind.

  9. BABYBOO says:


  10. Tony says:

    Babyboo, I keep this entry updated with the latest news at the top of the entry. So far, nothing new to report. No major outbreak to report.

  11. Lusi says:

    Oi,moro em USA,tou indo ao brasil Salvador,com um bebe,e um outra de 4 ano,Tou com muito medo de pegar aviao!Me de uma sujestao,cancelo a viajem,ou continuo com a ideia de viajar?

  12. Tony says:

    Lusi, na parte superior do post você encontra as últimas notícias sobre a gripe no Brasil. Por enquanto, 8 casos confirmados, nenhum deles em Salvador.

  13. patrick says:

    Tony, my son (18) will be travelling from Indiana, USA, to Brazil as a soccer sports ambassador july 13 – 28. The group will train in st paulo for 7 days and then travel to rio to take part in the zico futebol cup tournament. what advice would you give in terms of preparation against malaria? we are also not sure about the current status regarding the swine flu.

  14. Tony says:

    Patrick, the latest on swine flu in Brazil is at the top of this entry, but so far the flu is hardly an issue in Brazil, with only 9 cases confirmed. As for malaria, there is no risk whatsoever in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. All the best.

  15. MR says:


    Could you please advise me on the latest given WHO’s declaration of Swine flu as a pandemic?

    We are planning a travel in the 4th week of June


  16. Tony says:

    Slightly above 100 cases is pretty much a non-event – specially if compared to dengue fever, with tens of thousands of cases this year alone. As you don’t mention your country of origin it is difficult to give more specific information.

  17. Eliz says:

    Viajo ao Brasil em dois dias(BH – MG),moro nos EUA numa are tranquila no campo.Estou muito preocupada com a forma como o governo brasileiro tem se manifestado em relacao ao novos casos de Swine flu no Brasil.Aparentemente apenas 1 hospital no Rio e outro em Sao Paulo tem condicoes de fazerem testes.De acordo com informacoes que tenho recebido
    pessoas tem sido mandadas para casa com a doenca,sem fazerem teste para confirmacao,sem tratamento;so recebendo diagnostico depois de autopsia.
    Postos de saude publica infestado de doentes!!!

  18. Tony says:

    Eliz, for the benefit of other readers, and as it is the official language of the blog, I’ll reply to your query in English. Your information is inaccurate, there are several hospitals – and not just the one, in the cities you mention running the test for the new flu. Information coming from the government is far from transparent and it is true the that public health system is stretched to the limit.

  19. Natan says:

    Brazil has lost control, we’re about to reach the higher level for death worldwide, with 1 death per 5 cases. Better travel to Afganisthan, Iraq or any other safer place.

  20. Tony says:

    Natan, I think you have to be extremely cautious before making those statements. It is preposterous to suggest that influenza A makes Brazil more dangerous than Afghanistan. If the ratio of deaths versus confirmed cases is so high in Brazil it is due to the fact that the authorities are only recognizing a tiny number of cases, hiding the real extense of the epidemic. It is quite safe to assume that the number of cases not leading to deaths it is much higher.

    From now on I will only publish here comments that are backed by data from official or medical sources.

  21. Eliz says:

    Thank you for your replying;
    according to several information thru newspapers an other medico family related,BH-Minas gerais just got aproved to receive extra medication as Thursday 8/06.Only one hospital is qualified to treat patients.

  22. Eliz says:

    Hi Toni,
    If my information is wrong about having only one hospital in BH treating patients(Hospital das clinicas)please correct me.
    Why so many people going to public health are sent home w/
    wrong diagnostic?

  23. Tony says:

    Eliz, in your initial email you mentioned São Paulo and Rio, where there are more than a dozen hospitals treating cases. I don’t have the data for all the Brazilian cities, you will have to consult the Ministério da Saúde sources for that. Likewise, you are asking the wrong person, I can’t answer to your question on why people are sent home with the wrong diagnostic. I don’t even know what your sources are.

    People, here I am only telling you where you can find the information you are looking for and reproducing the official figures announced by the Brazilian goverment. Get in touch with official sources for replies to your queries. I cannot hand out official information on important health issues. Transparency is not a card being played by the Brazilian government and I cannot help unravel any misteries.

  24. julian says:

    i intend to travel to brazil in august 2009 month end. How is the situation of SWINE FLUE H1N1 in brazil i will be travelling from asian subcontinet.

  25. Tony says:

    Julian, if you have a look at the top of the entry you will see where things stand in terms of casualties. There are hundrends (if not thousands) of cases on the southern states of the country.

  26. Caroline says:

    Oi! Estou viajando para Sao Paulo em Septembro.. estou gravida de um mes.. vou ou nao vou???

  27. Tony says:

    The Brazil Travel Blog is a resource for English speakers (whether native or not, it doesn’t matter). For that reason, from now on I won’t be publishing here comments and queries in any language other than English. It is unfair to the regular readers of the blog.

  28. Elisete says:

    @Caroline: To be safe, I highly reccommend that you don’t travel. The numbers are higher in most big cities. Why expose yourself – if you can wait!

  29. GRaj says:

    I am traveling to Brazil, Recife on 20th of this month. I am just worrying about this swine flu and its mutation in Brazil. Please suggest me is this risk worth.

  30. Tony says:

    GRaj, as stated on the entry, the number of cases on the north and northeast regions is very small. Pernambuco (Recife is its capital) has registered just the one death. The risk is very low.

  31. Mitu says:

    hi, i am going to travel to sao paulo on 26th august than extend my journey to vitoria, cachoeiro de itapemirim, rio novo do sul and rio de janeiro. Please advise about the condition on swine flu

  32. Tony says:

    Mitu, you have the most up-to-date information at the top of this blog’s post. So far São Paulo is the worst affected place but the number of cases would seem to be on the decrease. Avoid traveling only if you belong to any risk group (pregnant women in particular).

  33. Mitu says:

    where are details regarding the high risk group posted?

  34. Tony says:

    See the blue widget at the bottom of the entry where you will find all the professional advice regarding H1N1 flu.

  35. Mi says:

    Hi, I’m supposed to be going to Brazil in Oct with my husband and my 17 month old daughter. We are going to Belo Horizonte but traveling with Tam stopping at Rio. We are considering postponing the trip because of my daughter. If it was just my husband and I I would not care but I’m afraid for my daughter. They are saying the shot is supposed to be available in the US next month but I don’t want to be one of the first people to get it either. Should I postpone the trip?

  36. Tony says:

    Mi, you don’t say where you’re writing from but chances are you are 100 times likelier to catch influenza A where you live than in Rio in October. The number of swine flu cases in Rio has been comparatively low, in October it will be even lower. I’m updating the information on the number of cases as data becomes available. Specialists agree then number of cases in Brazil should enter a steep decline curve from now on. Watch this space.

  37. Mi says:

    I live in South Florida which is a very warm place and we have not had many cases at all. My mom takes care of my daughter during the day so my chances are actually just the opposite of catching it.

    What worries me the most is the plain ride where we will be with many people breathing the same air. If it was a driving trip I would not be concern.

    I will keep an eye on the news and see what is happening before I make my final decision.

    tks for your answer

  38. Tony says:

    Mi, information goes a long way. Thousands of Brazilians cancelled their winter holidays in Florida (flu-ridden state as portrayed by the media) fearing they would return back home with the flu. If your concern is the flight then I suppose it is an issue unrelated to Rio de Janeiro, the risk is there wherever you go. Hope you make an informed decision. The blue link at the bottom of the entry has excellent professional information on the topic. All the very best.

  39. Natan says:

    504 deaths, check Folha. But authorities says that it’s slowing down. I do not believe them quite much, but it seems to be a real tendency.

  40. Tony says:

    Natan, I’m not doing daily updates but by all means check the local press if you need them. Medical sources tell me there is a noticeable decrease in the number of suspect cases turning up at the hospitals.

  41. Mitu says:

    Due to swine flu, I have deferred my travel plans to brazil until november 2009. Any expectations of it decreasing in southern staes of espirito santo and sao paulo by that time.

  42. Tony says:

    Mitu, there’s been just the one case of swine flu in Espirito Santo, the epidemic there is non-existent. Number of cases and deaths are already decreasing in all the southern states. Thingg should definitely be much better in November.

  43. Ms Mos says:

    Oi! I travelled to Minas Gerais and Belo Horizonte from August 17-23rd as the flu was on the rise everywhere. I did not catch the flu, nor did I see anyone with flu-like symptoms. Or even a cold. Just putting in my two cents.

  44. binnieo says:

    How about now…is the variant H1N1 flu in sao paulo better or worse? I’ve heard it is worse…can you set the facts straight. Thanks

  45. Tony says:

    binnieo, it’s no different. Number of cases on steep decline during the last few weeks.

  46. binnieo says:

    Tony – Good, when will you update your record keeping? Also, just for your information… the flu in the US is ramping up(pretty early for us), but under control at the moment. US still denies there has been any mutations in the H1N1 virus, which goes against what has been said in your country. So, who knows who is telling the real truth about that. Also, mainly hitting younger adults(universities)and school aged kids here…is that the same in Brazil?

  47. Tony says:

    binnieo, to be honest, that São Paulo variant of the virus was mentioned on a newspaper article back in June. I never read any other mentions to it since then. I’ve got a friend who is a doctor at the forefront of the fight against H1N1 in Brazil and didn’t have anything meaningful to say about it. I would like to update the figures but the government has not issued any new data for quite some time now. Honest information is hard to come by. Pregnant women were particularly hit by the virus. School kids have not made the news.

  48. Mitu says:

    what is the latest update of swine flu in southern Brazil. After vaccnines have been invented.

  49. Tony says:

    Mitu, please read the comment above yours. The vaccine won’t be available in Brazil for quite a number of months.

  50. binnieo says:

    Thanks, Tony… I appreciate your honesty and updates. The variant could be just rumor mill activity. Imaginative and fearful minds sometimes work overtime, no? So far, washing the hands and keeping them away from the face seems to be a pretty good preventative therapy. Vaccines are not available in all our US states yet, but in the states where they are available people(especially healthcare workers) are getting them and no negative sequelae noted to date. Hope this info helps down south of the equator. I’m actually traveling a little farther south than your country come Nov. 1. I’m going to Tango in Buenos Aries for a couple of weeks, but your site has been most helpful in assuaging my fears. Truthfully, I haven’t been able to find anything comparable to it in Argentina…So, thank you. Also, congrats on getting the Olympics in Brazil.

  51. Tony says:

    binnieo, you’re welcome. Warmer months ahead both in Brazil and Argentina so you’re unlikely to hear much about the flu until next year. Dengue fever likely to be an issue in both countries from January onwards, though.