May 1, 2009 | By More

May is here, it will be a shorter than usual month once again, as we have a trip planned for the final part of the month.

During April we published two new destination cards at the blog, one dedicated to Praia do Forte and another one to the island of Boipeba.

We announced the photo album of Morro de São Paulo.

For those visiting São Paulo, we drew a list of our very own São Paulo’s top ten.

Two years have gone by since the first list, so we published a revamped ranking of the 10 must-see places in Brazil.

It is sad, but we had to report that the Praia do Forno is no longer a paradise

The photos of the carnival 2009 are ready: carnival 2009: photos.

We informed of the arrival of the Brazilian Trip Advisor.

Google now presents ultra high-resolution satellite photos of Brazil.

Inevitably, we had to report on Swine flu in Brazil.

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