Boipeba: photo album

May 15, 2009 | By More

I have finished uploading the Boipeba photo album, with images of the island and its awesome beaches.

To begin with, the fantastic natural pools at Moreré:

Boipeba, Brasil

Then the extremely beautiful Bainema beach, that now features on the heading of this blog:

praia de Bainema, Boipeba, Brasil

We can’t forget the charming beach of the Boca da Barra:

Boipeba, Brasil

There was time to stroll around peaceful and adorable Velha Boipeba:

Velha Boipeba, Brasil

And around the equally beautiful São Francisco/Cova da Onça:

São Sebastião, Boipeba, Brasil

Finally, although it’s not at the Boipeba island (it is on the neighbouring Tinharé island), we can’t forget the floating oyster bards in Canaviera:

Canaviera, Ilha de Tinharé, Brasil

If you have any questions on Boipeba, you can read all the information we have at this blog’s post Destination: Boipeba.

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