June and July

July 1, 2009 | By More

What with our long holiday break in June, this summary of activity on the blog includes this time two entire months, May and June.

Our revamped top 10 Brazilian beaches – 2009 edition saw the light.

We published a new destination card, on Ubatuba, in the state of São Paulo.

There is a new and up-do-date guide of Brazil out there: Moon handbooks: Brazil.

The 2009 football season is on the way: Soccer championship 2009 – calendar.

We informed about the 2009 edition of the São Paulo gay parade.

A map of Boipeba is our new contribution to the information we have on that wonderful destination. Information completed with the announcement of the Boipeba photo album.

For those posted to São Paulo, we prepared a blog entry on São Paulo getaways.

We devoted several entries to the city of Salvador. We saw the Salvador photo album and the map of Salvador; we had lunch at the SENAC restaurant and learned about the Salvador bus.

Nearby Praia do Forte also received our attention, with the map of Praia do Forte.

Happy holidays to those enjoying them during the month of July!

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