sorveteria da Ribeira, top-quality ice-cream in Salvador

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sorveteria da Ribeira, Salvador

The sorveteria da Ribeira ice-cream parlour is an unmissable Salvador classic. It has a legion of devoted fans, and the local edition of Veja magazine has elected it the best Salvador ice-cream for 10 consecutive years. The sorveteria was founded in 1931 by an Italian inmigrant. In 1962 a Spanish inmigrant bought it from him. For the next 42 years, he run the succesful business. In 2008 a local businessman bought the sorveteria.

The sorveteria is located in the Ribeira (see its location on Google Maps), quite far away from most tourist sights. But it is in the vicinity of the Bonfim church – while you are there, extend your trip to the Ribeira. The Salvador bus, Salvador’s hop-on hop-off tourist bus stops right in front the ice-cream parlour and waits for you while your order your ice-cream.

sorveteria da Ribeira, Salvador

In spite of its fame, the ice-creams served at the Ribeira have popular prices. R$3 for a cone with a ball, R$4 for two. Outstanding amont the list of flavours there is a long list of exotic fruits: biri-biri, jenipapo, chirimoya, cajá, cupuaçu, mangaba, umbu, sirigüela, graviola, cajarana, acerola. Ice-creams are still prepared in the traditional fashion and the fruits are peeled by hand.

sorveteria da Ribeira, Salvador

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