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July 6, 2009 | By More

For a few weeks now we have been taking part on the latest internet craze, Twitter, where you can find the Brazil Travel Blog at Twitter. We are posting there updates to the information published on the blog as well as short notes that are not worth an entire blog post. To have a quick look, click on the banner below. If you create your own account at Twitter you’ll find it following our updates is a piece of cake.

To be absolutely honest, for me the Twitter experience so far falls abysmally short of that wonderful and indispensable tool every traveler should carry in their pack. Some of the fantastic discoveries and incredible tips reported by others could have easily been found with a proper feed reader and a good selection of RSS feeds. Also, the amount of is mind-boggling. Nonetheless, it is beyond any doubt that Twitter provides a sense of immediacy not found elsewhere on the net.

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