review: Toca da Onça restaurant, Boipeba island

July 17, 2009 | By More

In the remote village of São Francisco, aka Cova da Onça, in the south of the equally remote island of Boipeba, there is a restaurant as humble as it is delicious: the Toca da Onça (in English, the Jaguar’s Liar).

Boipeba, Brasil

The friendly and talkative Orlando manages the restaurant while his wife is the chef. Everything’s quite simple, just a handful of tables a few meters away from the sea. The very same sea from which most of the restaurant’s menu is extracted. Shrimps / prawns, lobster, octopuss and fish. A menu that, as it is quite common along the Brazilian coast, comes in two versions: a printed one, and a “life” version, as seen on the next photo:

Toca da Onça, São Francisco, Brasil

We paid R$30 for a large platter of shrimps for two. Our travel mates paid R$55 for a lobster platter so abundant they couldn’t finish it. We asked Orlando how come he could serve fresh lobster during the ban. His answer left us none the wiser.

An excellent spot to have lunch during a trip around the island or just a trip to the village.

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