acajaré, a delicacy from Bahia

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Acarajé is a true culinary delicacy from the state of Bahia. An acarajé is a ball made from black-eyed peas and fried in dendê oil, usually served with hot chilly pepper sauce. It can be eaten along with dried shrimp and traditional dishes from Bahia such as the vatapá or the caruru.

Salvador de Bahía, Brasil

Acarajé is often eaten as street food, found in traditional food stalls managed by the traditional baianas do acarajé, the ladies that have prepared the delicacy for decades and have turned their activity into an art.

Salvador de Bahía, Brasil

Salvador is where the elite of the baianas do acarajé is found. Each citizen from Salvador has a favourite baiana, but if you choose among Cira, Dinha (no longer alive) or Regina you can’t go wrong.

When you order your acarajé, you have to make it clear if you want it con camarão (with shrimps) or sem camarão (without them). The former is a bit more expensive (in March 2009 R$4 at Dina’s). If you don’t want any hot sauce on it ask for it sem pimenta.

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  1. The Philippine Island says:

    The dish looks very delicious. Brazilians are good in cooking too.