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It’s August and while heat takes over the northern hemisphere, here in southern Brazil we are coping with the most severe winter I recall.

During July we spent quite a bit of time in Bahia here at the Brazil Travel Blog. We reviewed the classic sorveteria da Ribeira, which serves some of the best ice-cream in Salvador. And we found out about the acajaré, a delicacy from Bahia. We announced that the Praia do Forte photo album was finally ready. We reviewed the Fazenda Caeira in Morro de São Paulo and while in Boipeba, we had lunch at the Toca da Onça restaurant.

We announced the launch of the Brazil Travel Blog at Twitter.

We published two reminders of important events for the Japanese community in São Paulo: the Tanabata Matsuri 2009 and the Festival do Japão.

We explained how to go from São Paulo to Viracopos airport in Campinas.

We have two new listing of hotels and pousadas, Accommodation in Boipeba and Accommodation in Foz do Iguaçu.

For farsighted travellers, here are the dates of the 2010 carnival.

During the entire month of July we kept a close eye on the evolution of Influenza A in Brazil, where the death toll increases by the day: Swine flu in Brazil.

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