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August 20, 2009 | By More

Hidden somewhere at the Brasil Network website – the Ministry of Tourism tool for travel professionals, there is a little gem: the Brazil Diving Guide. It’s a 42-page booklet on PDF format with a wealth of information on diving in Brazil. Diving sites, shipwrecks, wildlife. The whole lot. The copy borders on the reckless at times (comparing Maracajau to the Great Barrier Reef is likely to create very disgruntled customers) but it is nonetheless a helfpul source. It can be downloaded clicking here.

Much as I try, I can’t see why this valuable material is not made openly available to independent travelers. We know the Ministry of Tourism is mostly interested on wealthy foreign tourists but it is quite a mistake to make independent travel and wealth incompatible. Well, never mind. That’s why we have independent travel blogs for.

destination: Bonito
destination: Ilha Grande
destination: Fernando de Noronha
Nautical Tourism in Brazil
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