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[This post is part of a series devoted to tourism in five remote Brazilian states – the other entries include Amapá, Rondonia, Roraima and Tocantins.]

Acre is on the westernmost part of Brazil, bordering with the state of Amazonas to the north and with Peru and Bolivia to the south. It is one of the most remote and unexplored Brazilian territories and most of its area is covered by the Amazon jungle.

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Up until the beginning of the XX century Acre belonged to Bolivia. In 1903 it became a Brazilian territory and only in 1962 it reached the status of a state within the Brazilian federation. The population of Acre barely reaches 700,000 inhabitants. Its economy has been historically linked to rubber tapping. Chico Mendes, murdered in 1988, became the symbol of the fight for the preservation of the Amazon. Although the state has seen environmental crime of the sort that is it rampant in other Brazilian states, the rate of deforestation is below the average for the Amazon region.

Rio Branco is the capital of Acre. As it is the case for the remaining states we are presenting on this series, one of the main obstacles to the development of a tourist industry are the high transportation costs. A flight from the southern regions of Brazil to Acre can cost as much as a ticket to the States.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has included a tourist route in the state of Acre. The Caminhos do Pacífico (Pacific Ways) includes visits to the capital, Rio Branco, and to Xapuri, the birthplace of the fight for the defence of the Amazon region, where the house of Chico Mendes is located. There are forest trails to be discovered in Xapuri, as well as a close contact with the daily life of the rubber culture.

The state of Acre is home to the National Park of Serra do Divisor, on its border with Peru. The park has no tourist infrastructure and can only be visited with an authorization from IBAMA.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism hasn’t elaborated any videos to popularize the tourist attractions of the state of Acre (videos were preparaded for most Brazilian states). In the Ministry’s tool for travel professionals, Brasil Network, there is no information on Acre. It would seem selling Acre as a tourist destination is far from being a priority.

Government of the State of Acre
Local Authority of the City of Rio Branco

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