undiscovered Brazil: Amapá

September 8, 2009 | By More

[This post is part of a series devoted to tourism in five remote Brazilian states – the other entries include Acre, Rondonia, Roraima and Tocantins.]

Amapá is on the northernmost tip of Brazil, halfway between the northern and the southern hemisphere. It has borders with the Brazilian states of Roraima and Amazonas to the west and Pará to the south. To the north, it has international borders with Suriname and French Guiana – a little known fact, this is where Brazil’s land border with the European Union is found.

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Most of Amapá’s territory is covered by the Amazon jungle. The population of Amapá hardly reaches 700,000 inhabitants (an amount very similar to that of Acre) and it is concentrated around its capital. Three important activities are paramount in the state’s economy: the production of Brazil nuts (castanha-do-pará in Portuguese), logging and manganese mining.

The capital of Amapá is Macapá, known for the fact that the line of Equator runs through it. It is the only Brazilian capital that cannot be reached by road (it’s either a plane or a boat to get you there). Airlines Gol and Tam fly from Belém and Manaus to Macapá.

As it is the case for the remaining states we are presenting on this series, one of the main obstacles to the development of a tourist industry are the high transportation costs. A flight from the southern regions of Brazil to Amapá can cost as much as a ticket to the States.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has included a tourist route in the state of Amapá. The Amazônia no Meio do Mundo includes a detailed visit to Macapá, with its Monumento Marco Zero and the São José Fortress. The line of the Equator cuts right through the middle of its football stadium Zerão. Football games there are played in both hemispheres simultaneously.

One of the main tourist attractions of Amapá is the pororoca (more info here at the blog in Pororoca, the mother of all waves), a result of the violent clash between the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Araguari river.

The National Park of Cabo de Orange is located in the state of Amapá, near the border with the French Guiana. The park is rich in wildlife, being a sanctuary for migratory birds. The park has no infrastructure whatsoever and it is not opened to tourism. You will need an authorization from IBAMA if you want to venture inside the park.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism hasn’t elaborated any videos to popularize the tourist attractions of the state of Amapá (videos were preparaded for most Brazilian states). In the Ministry’s tool for travel professionals, Brasil Network, there is no information on Amapá . It would seem that there is no intention whatsoever of selling Amapá as a tourist destination.

Governo do Estado do Amapá
Secretaria de Estado de Turismo do Amapá
Ciudad de Macapá

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  1. Braziliant says:

    I have been following your blog for almost a year now and love all the places that you cover. Your posts never fail to inspire and I am starting to develop a good enough knowledge of Brazil to start planning a trip!
    I currently live in Parana.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi there, thanks for visiting! Hope you begin writing about your trips throughout Brazil soon!