Brazilian population: new data

September 10, 2009 | By More

ladeira do Porto Geral, São Paulo

The Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics, better known for its initials IBGE, released recently new population data. The source is here: IBGE divulga as estimativas populacionais dos municípios em 2009.

The population of Brazil is now estimated at 191.5 million. 40% of Brazilians live in just three states: São Paulo (41 millions), Minas Gerais (20 millions) and Rio de Janeiro (16 millions).

São Paulo continues to be the largest city, with 11 million inhabitants (20 million when its metropolitan area is counted). Followed by Rio de Janeiro with 6 millions, Salvador with nearly 3 millions, Brasilia with 2.6 millions, Fortaleza with 2.5 millions and Belo Horizonte with 2.4 millions.

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