October 1, 2009 | By More

Jardim Botânico, São Paulo, Brasil

September’s gone and we head into spring down in the southern hemisphere. Promises of warmers days to come.

During the month of September the blog saw a new instalment on our series of hardly visited Brazilian destinations on undiscovered Brazil: Amapá.

We have now a blog post for enquiries on Cabo Frio, links: Cabo Frio and another for Maceió, links: Maceió.

We learned about the new population data.

We had a guest post on what to do during one week in Recife.

We published a list and description of youth hostels in São Paulo.

Birdwatching in Brazil is another interesting resource we discovered hidden at an official website.

Finally, we stayed at the Hotel Ibis Rio Vermelho in Salvador and reviewed it.

We are extremelly annoyed as Embratur and the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism copied material from our Spanish-language blog De viaje a Brasil and used it without permission at one of its websites. We let them know of the situation and so far we’ve had absolute silence from them. You will be hearing more about this story as it is frankly a disgrace that a Ministry with all its resources, budget and staff should rely on copying from independent blogs for its work.

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