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November 16, 2009 | By More

The city of Río de Janeiro sports a brand new official tourism site, the Rio Guide. For anybody familiar with the previous version of the website the first impression landing on the new page is one of admiration. The functional design of the new site makes it so much easier to locate information.

When the guide was launched strong emphasis was paid to the incorporation of social networks. Thus, the guide has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, You Tube and Flickr. There are also four Portuguese-language blogs associated to the page: Blog do Mochileiro, Rio Alternativo, Dicas do Rio and Botecos Cariocas.


  • The guide contains an incredible amount of useful information. It is accessed through menus and sections. Most areas of interest for a tourist are covered on the guide.
  • Visitors can download for free a PDF tourist map of Rio. It won’t be of great help to find your way across the city but it is an incredibly helpful resource to help you understand Rio and the location of its most important sights.
  • Also available for download in PDF format, the excellent Guia do Rio, a superb entertainment guide (bilingual edition, Portuguese and English) regularly updated. Congrats to whoever had the idea of making the guide available.


  • When you hover over a number of links on the page, they don’t change colour. So you can’t tell when a group of words contains a link or not (you can by looking at the status bar of your browser). Links should be clearly visible, this is good practice in web design.


  • Hard to believe, but the official tourism website of the most visited Brazilian city only has a Portuguese version. When the page was launched I contacted RioTur to find out when versions in languages other than Portuguese would be made available. The answer I got was that a multilingual site would be online at the beginning of October. We are half way through November and the multilingual version is nowhere to be seen. We hope we’ll be able to announce the launch of the multilingual version soon. In the meantime, what a shame. UPDATE: Rio’s finally got an English version for its tourism site. Check it out here: Rio Official Guide.
  • The blogs associated to the page seem to have been launched and subsequently abandoned.


The new tourist website is a step forward and a recognition of the massive role played by the internet. While the Rio Guide doesn’t go as far as terrific pages like the Portal Oficial de Turismo de Buenos Aires, it deserves special recognition in the Brazilian context. Congratulations to those responsible for the page are in order. We hope the multilingual site will be online sooner than later, needless to say that Olympic Rio can’t present itself to the world speaking just the one language.

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