Rio Carnival 2010: ticket prices

November 18, 2009 | By More

carnaval 2009, Pérola Negra

The Association of Rio de Janeiro’s Escolas de Samba (LIESA) has announced the prices for the carnival parades at the Sambadrome: LIESA anuncia cronograma de venda de ingressos para o Carnaval 2010. At the same website you can see a map of the venue at Sambadrome map to understand better where each sector is located.

The escolas de samba enter the Sambodrome from the left on the map, right next to Setor 1. Setor 1 tickets are the cheapest of all because from that location you don’t actually get to see the parade but rather the gathering of the different groups. The parade ends on the right hand side of the map, in the part known as Praça da Apoteose (although the name doesn’t feature on the map). Tickets here are more affordable as the escolas arrive here quite tired after one hour parading through the Sambadrome.

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