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December 15, 2009 | By More

Manaos / Manaus

A few days ago we learned of the closure by the authorities of the floating port of Manaus. It is at the floating port where all the liners and cruise ships dock. The reason for the closure is lack of safety due to negligent maintenance of the premises (you can read the full story in Portuguese at the Estado de São Paulo).

In the meantime, the situation is quite confusing. The news report quoted above mentions that an American liner was diverted by the Brazilian navy to the port of Chibatão (a merchant port on the outskirts of Manaus). Then a local jugde granted the ship the right to dock at the floating port – next to the center of the city.

Manaus / Manaos

We got in touch with Embratur to find out more about the situation. Through its Flickr profile (@VisitBrasil) we were told that work is in progress at the floating port and that it is estimated it will reopen in January.

In the meantime, our advice is, if you are heading to Manaus, get in touch with your travel agent for more up-do-date information of the implications of the port closure.

P.S.: smaller boats and regional transport continues to operate as usual at the improvised harbour near the market of Manaus.

destination: Manaus

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