the situation in Ilha Grande after the tragedy

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Most of you will be aware of the tragedy in Ilha Grande that resulted in the loss of 31 lifes.

The situation

The situation on the island has become a hot topic among many travelers who were heading to Ilha Grande on the coming weeks and months. Reliable information is scarce and hard to come by. So far the best resource I have found is the following page. It is updated on a daily basis. As it is in Portuguese I am going to translate and summarize here the main points covered there:

  • All is normal in the Vila do Abraão, the main village on the island. There have been some sporadic power cuts but they are a common occurrence during the high season.
  • All is normal with the boats sailing to the Vila do Abraão. Sailing schedules have not been affected.
  • There are currently no diversions on the roads leading to Angra dos Reis.
  • The beaches of Araçatiba, Matariz, Praia Vermelha, Provetá and Sítio do Forte, on the continent side of the island, have had no electricity for nearly a week. Phone lines are not working either (only cellphones are in operation). The landslide at Enseada do Bananal destroyed the power lines leading to the beaches I’ve just mentioned.
  • Enseada do Bananal is off the tourist circuit for the time being.

I will be updating this information as new facts emerge.

My advice

Unless you are heading to Bananal or Araçatiba and the other beaches mentioned above, there is no particular reason to cancel or postpone your trip to Ilha Grande. Vila do Abraão is perfectly ok and you will be able to do all the treks and sails around the island as if nothing had happened.

If you are heading to Araçatiba, get in touch with your pousada to find out the latest on the power supply situation. There are electricity generators in action but they are just a poor substitute to proper power supply.

Heavy rains on the coming days might imply on changes to road conditions on the continent. I will post any changes here.

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