happy 2010 carnival!

February 12, 2010 | By More

Carnival 2010 is here. We are going to be visiting a couple of Brazilian destinations during the carnival break –you will read about them in the coming months. We’ll be back on Wednesday 17.

In the meantime, to all of those who will be spending the carnival in Brazil, have a whale of a time!

carnaval 2009, Mocidade AlegreAcadémicos do Tucuruvicarnaval 2009, Vai-Vai
carnaval 2009, Mocidade Alegrecarnaval 2009, Pérola Negracarnaval 2009, Académicos do Tucuruvi
carnaval 2009, Mocidade Alegrecarnaval 2009, Vai-Vaicarnaval 2009, Vai-Vai
carnaval 2009, Império de Casa Verdecarnaval 2009, Sabrina Sato, Gaviões da Fielcarnaval 2009, Leandro de Itaquera

dates of the 2010 carnival
carnival in Salvador 2010
tickets for the São Paulo 2010 carnival at the sambadrome
Rio Carnival 2010: ticket prices

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