the notorious staircase at Sancho bay, Fernando de Noronha

February 18, 2010 | By More

Fernando de Noronha, Brasil

The best things in life are free, to a point. To reach the most beautiful beach in Brazil, Sancho bay at the Fernando de Noronha archipelago you either take a boat and approach the beach from the sea or face the two sets of staircases inside a crack on the cliff and go down the beach that way. The following video shows the way down the cliff. Flip-flops/thongs are not a great idea, by the way. A secure foot goes a long way granting you security as you descend through the stairs.

To the administration of the archipelago: it would be nice if a minute fraction of the money collected through the environmental tax was used to mantain the staircase in pristine order.

Our main post on Noronha is destination: Fernando de Noronha.

destination: Fernando de Noronha

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