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Congresso Nacional, BrasiliaProcuradoria Geral da RepúblicaSantuário Dom Bosco, BrasiliaOs Candangos, Brasilia
Museu da República, BrasiliaJuscelino Kubitschek, BrasiliaPonte JK (JK bridge), BrasiliaSupremo Tribunal Federal, Brasilia

Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is a unique and spectacular city. Hardly visited by locals and foreigners alike, its World Heritage Status should grant it the recognition it deserves. It is a true Brazilian jewel. Brasilia is 50 years in 2010, the perfect excuse for a trip there.


Brasilia is quite isolated from the big Brazilian cities. Our advice is to reach it by plane. Brasilia’s international airport is on the outskirts of the city. The main Brazilian airlines fly to Brasilia. There is a new shuttle bus from Brasilia airport to town.

By bus it’s a 16-hour journey from São Paulo. Both Real Expresso and Rápido Federal go to Brasilia. The links explained at bus transportation in Brazil will help you find departures from other cities.


There is hardly any rain in Brasilia between May and September. Heat can be high and relative humidty reach extreme low values. Due to the lack of rain, the vegetation turns yellow. We advice you to avoid Brasilia during the period between May and September.


The heat during the dry season. If you are on foot, distances are long, always carry water with you. There are hardly any shops along the Eixo Monumental, where most monuments are found. Brasilia was not designed for the pedestrian.


The feeling of being on a planned city, a extremely rare occurrence among the chaotic urban growth in Brazil.


As soon as you leave the planned sections of the city, you come across a Brasilia full of large mansion houses and further away, a Brasilia of never-ending misery.


The Metropolitan Cathedral, the Praça dos Três Poderes, the Eixo Monumental, the Dom Bosco Sanctuary, the JK bridge, the building of the Procuradoria Geral da República.


  • you can see all the basic sights on one day. If you have two days at your disposal you can see pretty much everything. We have given you the rundown of Brasilia sights at the post sighsteeing in Brasilia.
  • if you can, visit Brasilia during the weekend. Hotel prices drop, the heavy traffic of the week is gone and if you are driving a rented car you’ll find parking spaces everywhere.
  • most hotels in Brasilia are concentrated on the North and South Hotel Sectors, two areas quite close to each other, near the TV tower and well located if you are planning on visiting the city – which you certainly are.
  • Brasilia is one of those cities where hiring a car is an excellent idea. Distances are too short for public transportation but too long for walking. A car will allow you to visit a bigger number of sights on the same day. And you’ll be able to go to places where the public transportation system won’t take you.
  • finding your way around Brasilia is not difficult. Most sights are found along the Eixo Monumental. Interpreting Brazilian addresses is quite another skill. Brasilia’s streets sport names like Shn Qd 5 Bloco I, Asa Norte or SCE/Sul, Trecho 2, Conjunto 35. In case of doubt, ask for directions, locals know how to read those addresses.
  • most monuments can be visited for free. Check out the times and other restrictions in advance. The Palácio do Planalto (presidencial palace), for instance, can only be visited on Sundays. Alvorada Palace can only be visited on Wednesdays.
  • for those not keen on hiring a car, there is a hop-on hop-off tourist bus called Brasília City Tour. It will take you to the most important tourist sights.


During the week, political activity in Brasilia keeps the hotels packed. During the weekend, the rooms empty and the hotels lower their prices considerably.

You can search for accommodation in Brasilia through our Hotels Combined search engine, a unique free tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly. It eliminates the need to search major websites one by one in order to compare prices and availability. An amazing time and money saver!

The results open on a new page.


You don’t need any vaccines if you are planning to visit Brasilia. However, cases of yellow fever are regularly reported on the areas around the city, so if you are thinking of getting out of town, it might be a good idea to get the shot.

11. LINKS:

The best official page is Brasilia e Região Convention & Visitors Bureau. It has no English version. On the tourism section you will be able to download a few guides with relevant material.


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