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February 26, 2010 | By More

To make up for the absence on this blog of a specific destination card devoted to Ilha do Mel, I am publishing a blog entry with links to sites of interest.


Boats for the island depart from Pontal do Sul. During the high season there are also boats from Paranaguá. To get there, you either take a bus from Curitiba or, if you have an entire day to spend, the Trem da Serra (train that links Curitiba and Paranaguá). The links I’m showing below containg full schedules for the boat and the buses and train.


Our Accommodation in Brazil blog has a full list of hotels and pousadas in Ilha do Mel


The government of the state of Paraná has a website devoted to the coast of the state. Within the site, a section on Ilha do Mel.

There are also some private portals, including Ilha do, Ilha do and Ilha do


Average rainfall and temperatures for Ilha do Mel (data from nearby Paranagúa) at


Voltage on the island is 110.


There is a limit to the number of tourists that can stay in the island at any given time: 5,000. If you’re heading to the island during the holiday season, make sure you do so with your accommodation booked in advance. That will prevent you from being stranded in the continent if the limit is reached.

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