Linha Turismo, Curitiba’s hop-on hop-off bus

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Linha Turismo, Curitiba

Linha Turismo is the name of Curitiba’s hop-on hop-off bus. It is an excellent service for the tourist for –as we saw at destination: Curitiba– the city sights are spread across the metropolitan area. With the tourist bus you can reach them all easily.


1. Itinerary

The bus follows a circular anticlockwise route. It begins and ends at Praça Tiradentes, in the town centre. It has the following stops:

1. Praça Tiradentes
2. Rua das Flores
3. Rua Visconde de Nacar
4. Museu Ferroviário
5. Teatro Paiol
6. Jardim Botânico
7. Estação Rodoferroviária/Mercado Municipal
8. Teatro Guaíra/Universidade Federal do Paraná
9. Passeio Público/Memorial Árabe
10. Centro Cívico
11. Museu Oscar Niemeyer
12. Bosque do Papa/Memorial Polonês
13. Bosque Alemão
14. Universidade Livre do Meio Ambiente – Unilivre
15. Parque São Lourenço
16. Ópera de Arame/Pedreira Paulo Leminski
17. Parque Tanguá
18. Parque Tingui
19. Memorial Ucraniano
20. Portal Italiano
21. Santa Felicidade
22. Parque Barigui
23. Torre Panorâmica
24. Setor Histórico

At the map of Curitiba we prepared for the blog you can check the location of all the places visited by the bus.

2. Timetables

Buses run every 30 minutes. The first bus leaves from Praça Tiradentes at 9:00, the final one at 17:30.

3. Working days

From Tuesday to Sunday. During the summer season it runs on Mondays too.

4. Price

At the time of publishing this entry the ticket had a price of R$20. The ticket allows you to hop-on and hop-off from the bus at four different stops.

5. The buses

Linha Turismo uses double-decker buses. During the high season a support bus drives along the main one so no passengers get stranded due to a full bus. There is an audio system with tourist information in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

6. Is it worth it?

For groups of three or less, we feel Linha Turismo is definitely worth it in spite of the limitation to the number of times you can get off the bus. If you are four, you might consider using a taxi. It won’t cost you more than the price of four bus tickets, you’ll be able to visit all the places you want and you won’t have to wait for the bus to appear.

7. Our advice

To make the most of your ticket, use it only at those sights further away from downtown. Among them, the Jardim Botânico, the Torre Panorâmica, the Santa Felicidade neighbourhood (but only if you are planning on having dinner there), the Memorial Ucraniano and the Ópera de Arame (and nearby Parque Tanguá too).

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